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E.1 The Project web-site
A new web site for Retezat National Park and for Life Natura Project was developed. The Layman's Report is available on News Section. All the information and pictures about the project are hosted on the park website
E.2 Public assemblies
The project’s opening workshop was held on 13.01.2006. A project presentation press-conference was held in 02.02.2006 (16 participants from mass-media). First consultative meeting with stakeholders was held on 05.04.2006 (20 participants). A meeting combined with an exhibition named “Animals World” was held on 29.11.2006 (145 participants). Artistic contest about the wild animals of Retezat (124 participants). A workshop presenting the project implementation progress was held on 27.12.2006.
Project implementation progress work-shop  with mass- media, teachers  and parks to present the Life “AlpineCons” project, 14 participants, in 25.07.2007
A thematic seminar for alpine habitats managers was held in 27-28 November 2007, 46 participants were counted.
A progress implementation progress workshop, and a meeting with stakeholders and CS upon Management plan and Park Regulation, 13-14.12.2007 (43 participants)
A meeting with CS and some stakeholders for MP were done in 27-28.03.2008. In November 2008, a symposium dedicated to Natura 2000 Sites management took place in Nucsoara Visitor Center.  Another meeting was organized in December, in the same place.

E.3 Information Centre dedicated to alpine habitats
Mr. Zoran Acimov - project coordinator and Mrs. Florina Crisan - public relation specialist have searched in the Pietrele area for the most proper location of the Informative Center; due to the enforcement of the newest restitution law (Law no. 247/2005) the ownership has changed in that area, and for the moment the new land owner postponed the discussions about that issue until all restitution formalities will be done. Due to that fact we had to decide if we keep the location settled in the project proposal or choose another one with similar characteristics, and which can provide a certainty of keeping in time the destination of construction.
Because of the problems created by the mentioned restitution law a lot of delay has been registered. But from 23 October 2007 Deva Forest Directorate transferred to RNPA an old building to be renewed and transformed in Information Center for alpine habitats. It is located in the same location where was initially planned.
The work was finished, and now the center has furniture, informative panels and can be opened for the public.
A small laboratory for basic analyses and surveys has been created within the center, as well as a first aid point and a basic shelter area for the project staff to be shared in emergency cases with tourists in distress.
A small shelter for distressing animals from the alpine area  is located near Information center. Seven micro-habitats had been recreated outdoor the Informative Center Pietrele.
A two stages educational walking path named “Chamois and their neighbors” (2-3 hours and 5-6 hours) has been created on the route: Pietrele- Stanisoara Valley- Lolaia Ridge- Information Center Pietrele. 

E.4 Informative points
Posters for 6 info points were printed (10 pcs. of 103x103 cm, Romanian and English version), glued on panels, and in progress to be put in place. The printed area of one informative points is 10sqm. All 6 info points are mounted in the park, on the main roads or entrances.
Another smaller informative points (25) on alpine habitats had been created and set up in the park.

E.5 Complete set of informative materials

A complete set of promotional materials was made (caps, T-shirts, badges, pots, pens).
Full color presentation leaflet (4 languages) A4 in Romanian 25000pcs, English 10000pcs, French 4000pcs and German 4000pcs were printed, some of them, distributed to tourists, schools, tour operators, visitors of visitor centers, to participants in Caravan’s meetings, etc.
A wide-ranging set of leaflets (A4 format, b/w) 4 types of leaflets had been created and printed by RNPA staff (5000x4). Leaflets are distributed to tourists, schools, tour operators, visitors of visitor centers, to participants in Caravan’s meetings, etc.
A comprehensive brochure for local community was printed in 3000 pcs folded A3 format; the front page is colored, and the back is b/w. It was printed in this format in order to be easier to be carried by the shepherds, and also to be put as poster on the wall, in public locations in villages.
The set of six posters (6 models x 500 pcs of posters full color) were printed. Posters have a good quality, and are handier. 600 pcs were printed in luxurious condition so that they can be used as paintings in schools and in chalets, pensions, etc.
A practical guide for the identification, evaluation, conservation and monitoring of alpine habitats and alpine species was printed in good conditions. It is dedicated to pupils, students and tourists who want to know the plants, animals and habitats of the Retezat National Park. 
A short film (55 minutes) named “The Place Where the Silance Talks” presenting the site was developed. The film is printed on a DVD (500pcs).
A nice presentation DVD has been created. It has some sections about the Retezat National Park and Life Project.

E.6 Alpine habitats caravan
Since most of the informative materials are addressed to people already being aware in a certain measure by Retezat Mountains, we took in consideration, as part of the national campaign sustained by the wide distribution of a sum of materials, a focused promotion in some of the major cities of Romania, having the promotion slogan “If you are not going to mountains, the mountains are coming to you!“.
A minibus nicknamed “Caravan's Camel” was delivered on 15th of January 2007, and the first stage of caravan started on 19th of February 2007, once the registering formalities of the minibus was finished. Four types of presentation were created for different target groups. Five large posters about RNP were designed and printed in order to be used in outdoor/indoor presentations during the Alpine Caravan.
According to this action, several presentations about both the RNP and the LIFE-Nature project have been made in almost Romania counties, except Dobrogea region. The Caravan actions were finished in May 2008.
At the request of teachers and County Board School inspectors, CDs with RNP presentation and other specific presentations (flora, fauna, geology, rules to be kept in protected areas, tourist attractions) were created and distributed. These CDs were and will be used in schools by biology, geography, ecology teachers to diverse age pupils. Promotional materials and CDs were distributed to environmental clubs, too. Each circuit of caravan had been announced to mass- media in visited area.
We consider that the positive impact of the caravan is very high. Many people decided to visit Retezat NP after these meetings. e. g. the tourist number in the park was double in summer 2007 and 2008 comparing with the two years before Life project. The cases of  breaking of the Parks' rules by tourists decreased significantly.